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Heat Press Instructions In 3 Easy Steps

It's just that easy to make your own products with DTF Transfers!



Position your DTF (Direct to Film) Transfer on top of your product



Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds. We recommend 320°F / 160°C



Let transfer cool for at least 15 seconds and peel.

Accelerating Creativity: Effortless Ordering and Rapid


At DTF Rush Orders, we specialize in delivering high-quality DTF printing services characterized by vibrant colors, sharp details, and enduring durability. Understanding the importance of time in your projects, we offer an intuitive ordering process and provide the option for same-day rush turnarounds, ensuring your needs are met with speed and efficiency. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations, facilitating the realization of your creative projects with ease and reliability.


Versatility Unleashed: Bringing Vibrancy to Every Fabric

Unlocking the Potential of DTF Transfers: A Revolution in Textile Printing

Explore the revolutionary impact of direct-to-film printing, a technique that brings your designs to life with exceptional color fidelity and clarity across various textiles. This innovation sets new benchmarks for print quality and adaptability, simplifying the decoration process.

1. Unmatched Versatility

DTF Transfers redefine flexibility in printing, enabling vivid, high-resolution designs on a vast array of fabrics. From cotton to polyester blends, these transfers ensure your creative vision is not limited by material constraints. Ideal for fashion, sportswear, and more, DTF brings your designs to life with unparalleled color richness and detail accuracy.

2. Exceptional Durability

One of the standout advantages of DTF Transfers is their remarkable resilience. These prints withstand the test of time, enduring countless washes without fading, cracking, or peeling. This durability means that garments and textiles maintain their fresh, vibrant look, enhancing the perceived value and longevity of your products.

3. Ease of Use and Efficiency

Simplicity and speed are at the heart of DTF Transfers. Designed for both novices and professionals, this technology streamlines the printing process, allowing for rapid production without compromising on quality. Whether fulfilling small custom orders or managing large-scale operations, DTF's user-friendly approach reduces time and effort, boosting your productivity and bottom line.


We're super excited to announce that our DTF Rush Order Pro Experts will be making waves at events throughout the year! Take a peek at the trade shows and expos we're attending below and make sure to keep an eye on our schedule. We're constantly updating it to bring DTF Rush Orders into your city! Can't wait to meet you there and dive into everything DTF Transfers. See you soon!

Graphics Pro Expo Long Beach



ASI Show Chicago

July 2024

23TH - 25TH

Printing United Expo Las Vegas




5-Star reviews on our service and DTF Transfer products



Unleash the Power of DTF Transfers!

Revolutionize Your Designs with Unmatched Versatility

  • Wide Range of Compatible Materials: Dive into a world where your creativity knows no bounds! DTF Transfers, brought to you by DTF Rush Orders, are perfect for a plethora of fabrics - from the classic cotton and polyester to the stretchy realms of spandex and beyond. This means you can unleash your design prowess on virtually any fabric!
  • Exceptional Quality That Lasts: Say goodbye to faded and cracked designs. With DTF Transfers, your creations will pop with high-resolution, vibrant colors that stand the test of time and multiple washes. Your designs will stay as fresh as the day they were printed!
  • Easy Application for Everyone: Whether you're a budding designer or a seasoned pro, these transfers are a dream come true. Apply your stunning designs with standard heat press equipment – it's that simple!

Tailored Solutions for Businesses

  • Wholesale Accounts for Bulk Orders: Attention print shops and decorators! DTF Rush Orders has got your back with specially designed DTF Wholesale Transfer accounts. This means you get top-notch quality prints at cost-effective prices, ensuring your business thrives without breaking the bank.
  • Reliable Supply for Client Demands: Keep up with your client's needs effortlessly. With a steady supply of high-quality materials, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations just got a whole lot easier.

The fusion of quality, versatility, and business-friendly solutions makes DTF Transfers an indispensable asset in the world of fabric decoration and apparel customization. Get ready to transform your ideas into vibrant realities with DTF Transfers – where imagination meets innovation! 🌟👕🎨

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