Free tips on creating a DTF Transfers Gang Sheet on Canva


Create a Gang Sheet on Canva

DTF Gang Sheet with Canva

Press Play


Setup Your Canvas

  1. Click Create A Design
  2. Select Custom Size
  3. Switch PX to inches
  4. Width always 22" Wide
  5. Height by whatever size you need
  6. Click Create New Design

Upload Your Art

Make sure you are using High Resolution Images. Keep in mind that if you need to resize your files from a smaller size to a bigger size your file is at low resolution and it will print pixelated and blurry.

DTF Rush Orders is a printer provider and is not responsible for bad prints with bad supplied art files. Please view our terms of service for more information.

Drag and Drop


All you need to do is drag your art files from the left hand size and drop them onto your canvas.

Setting Up

Artwork Size

Need to adjust your designs Size?

Follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Select the Position Button on the top
  2. Click on the Ratio Button to (Lock)
  3. Adjust the width towards your liking.

Info: Locking the ratio allows you to make sure the design is resized equally. You can manually adjust the width and height by keep the ratio unlocked.

Create a gang sheet on canva export settings with DTF Rush Orders

Last Step

Download Your Gang Sheet

This is where its import to follow to get a high quality file.

  1. Click File on The Top Left
  2. Click Download
  3. Suggested - Drag the size for a little bigger to get a larger output.
  4. Select Transparent
  5. Then Click Download
  6. All Done and ready to upload file onto our site.