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How To Apply Your Transfer

Do It Yourself


Applying DTF transfers is a simple process: Firstly, position the design accurately on the fabric. Then, press it using medium pressure at 310°F for 15 seconds. After pressing, let the transfer cool down before gently peeling it off. Finally, conduct a final press with parchment paper or a t-shirt layer for durability and finish. This process is easy to follow, ensuring your DTF Transfers are applied correctly and last well. The instructions below are step-by-step in making sure your DTF Transfers are applied correctly.



DTF Heat Press Settings

Cotton: 310°F

Polyester: 285°F


Heat Press Pressure


60 PSI/8-9


DTF Heat Press Time Settings

Cotton: 15 Seconds

Polyester: 8 Seconds


DTF Transfers applied on T-Shirts

5 Seconds

Take away moisture

The Fun Part


Once your heat press is at temperature your now ready to apply your Direct-to-Film DTF Transfer.


Once DTF Transfers Applied Cold Peel


Center your transfers placement


DTF Applied with a Iron or Heat Press

Apply Transfer

Use a setting for cotton or polyester

3Cold Peel

DTF Transfers Cold Peel

25-30 Seconds

Wait Until Transfer is cold to peel


DTF Applied with a Iron or Heat Press

5 Seconds

Final Step Press with teflon

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  • Wide Range of Compatible Materials: Dive into a world where your creativity knows no bounds! DTF Transfers, brought to you by DTF Rush Orders, are perfect for a plethora of fabrics - from the classic cotton and polyester to the stretchy realms of spandex and beyond. This means you can unleash your design prowess on virtually any fabric!
  • Exceptional Quality That Lasts: Say goodbye to faded and cracked designs. With DTF Transfers, your creations will pop with high-resolution, vibrant colors that stand the test of time and multiple washes. Your designs will stay as fresh as the day they were printed!
  • Easy Application for Everyone: Whether you're a budding designer or a seasoned pro, these transfers are a dream come true. Apply your stunning designs with standard heat press equipment – it's that simple!

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  • Wholesale Accounts for Bulk Orders: Attention print shops and decorators! DTF Rush Orders has got your back with specially designed DTF Wholesale Transfer accounts. This means you get top-notch quality prints at cost-effective prices, ensuring your business thrives without breaking the bank.
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The fusion of quality, versatility, and business-friendly solutions makes DTF Transfers an indispensable asset in the world of fabric decoration and apparel customization. Get ready to transform your ideas into vibrant realities with DTF Transfers – where imagination meets innovation! 🌟👕🎨

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