Guide on How to Print your DTF Transfer

DTF Transfer Tips - Prepress Garment before printing -

Step 1: The Pre-Press Proccess

Before apply your DTF Transfer its recommended you pre-Press the Fabric. Before beginning the transfer of the image by the film, it is important to pre-press the fabric. This involves placing the fabric in a heat press and pressing it for roughly 2 to 5 seconds at a temperature of 290-310 degrees Fahrenheit. This step helps flatten and dehumidify the fabric, making sure that the image will be properly transferred from the film onto the fabric. 

Applying the DTF Transfer onto the Garment

Step 2: Apply Your DTF Transfers

Perform The Heat Press Transfer. Set your heat press to medium pressure (30-40 PSI) at 290-310 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds and then place your DTF transfer film face down onto your garment before pressing with medium pressure for 10 seconds. It is very important that you make sure that there are no bubbles or creases in either your garment or film before beginning this process. 

DTF Transfer Cold Peel Process -

Step 3: Let Transfer Cool Down Before Peeling

Cold Peel Your Image Transfer. After completing step 2, let your image sit untouched for 30-45 seconds before peeling off its backing film (cold peel). By allowing extra time for cooling after heat pressing, you will ensure that any excess ink transfers away from your design instead of sticking to it which can create an undesired blurred effect. 

Final Step of the DTF Transfer is another press -

Step 4: The Final Press

Final Heat Pressing Process. Place a Teflon sheet over top of your printed image and then pressagain with medium pressure (30-40 PSI) at 290-310 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 seconds – this final heat press helps secure all ink layers together into one clear, single graphic design on your garment/fabric surface.  

And there you have it! You now have successfully printed a high quality DTF transfer design onto any piece of clothing or fabric! With these 4 easy steps and following them each time you print, you can guarantee that each image will turn out perfectly every time!

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