DTF Transfers

100% Cotton | 100% Polyester | Nylon | and More!

The ideal solution for small projects with complex full color graphics. DTF transfers are digitally printed onto a clear roll of heat transfer film using CMYK with a white underbase for opacity on dark fabrics.


5-Star Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews

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John Stephens

Google Review

The entire experience was top notch. From introduction, to design and final product. Highly recommend DTF Rush Orders for all your print and branding needs.

Stanley Sherwin

Google Review

Absolutely 5 stars! The design and set up on the website pulled me right in and it was def the best decision…victor and his wife are extremely welcoming and take a lot of pride in their craft…everything came out perfect and have continued to use them ever since!!

Kevin Bailey

Google Review

This place gets a 5-star been ordering from them since they were called “mforia” they always get my order on time and the quality.

It's Just That Easy To Create DTF Transfers!

No more need of minimum screen printing. No more need of color based pricing. Our transfers are full-color to even just printing white transfers that work great on Cotton, Polyester, Nylon and more.

How To Use Custom Transfers

Over 100,000 transfers sold because of how easy and affordable DTF is for everyone to use.

1. Upload Your Gang Sheet

Customers can upload their gang sheets or use our Gang Sheet Creator tool online to build their DTF Gang Sheets.

2. We Print Your Transfers

DTF Rush Orders prints your supplied gang sheet or created gang sheet using our tool and ship it to you press ready.

3. Heat Press Your Transfers

Cut out your transfers from the gang sheet and apply them onto your selected product using a heat press and done.



Want to know how many designs fit on a gang sheet? Below is a rough estimated quantity per sheet based on standard sizes.

Gang Sheet

22"W x 24"H

Full Color Transfers

Design Size Quantity
3" x 3" 42
4" x 4" 25
7" x 7" 9
11" x 11" 4

*Advance users save money when uploading print ready gang sheets.

Gang Sheet

22"W x 48"H

Full Color Transfers

Design Size Quantity
3' x 3' 84
4' x 4' 50
7' x 7' 18
11' x 11' 8

*Advance users save money when uploading print ready gang sheets.

Gang Sheet

22"W x 72"H

Full Color Transfers

Design Size Quantity
3' x 3' 132
4' x 4' 75
7' x 7' 27
11' x 11' 12

*Advance users save money when uploading print ready gang sheets.

Gang Sheet

22"W x 96"H

Full Color Transfers

Design Size Quantity
3' x 3' 180
4' x 4' 110
7' x 7' 39
11' x 11' 16

*Advance users save money when uploading print ready gang sheets.

These instructions are for DTF heat press users.

Ready to Press Instructions

Step 1 - Apply DTF Transfers


DTF Transfer Temp Setting are 300F

Cotton: 300°F

Polyester: 285°F


Heat Press Pressure Settings for DTF Transfers


60 PSI/8-9


Cotton: 10 Seconds

Polyester: 8 Seconds



Peel The Transfer After Sitting For 20 Seconds

Final Steps To Cure Transfer

Step 2 - Teflon/Parchment Paper


Always Pre-press your garments before applying the DTF Transfer

Place Over

Teflon or Parchment Paper over the print.


Heat Press Pressure Settings for DTF Transfers


60 PSI/8-9


5 Seconds



DTF Transfer


Full Color Graphics with NO Minimum + No Setups

Say goodbye to screen printing setups, minimum quantities, product style, or color choices—our DTF transfers are a game-changer! Experience brightness like you've never seen, unbeatable durability, mind-blowing stretchiness, and intricate detail that outshines any other transfer company out there! Get ready to be wowed!

Vibrant+ Accurate Colors

Vibrant hues and accurate color representation are crucial for our DTF transfers, ensuring your garments consistently showcase eye-catching, harmonious color combinations. Experience the stunning brilliance of our DTF designs on your products, and prepare to be amazed time after time.

Print On Any Fabric

Ready to take your printing to the next level? Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers revolutionize and be able to print on cotton, polyester, nylon, blends and more, these transfers require fewer steps and leave zero waste. Upgrade to DTF today and elevate the quality, vibrancy, and longevity of your designs.

The Stretch Test

The stretch test serves as a rigorous indicator of our product's robustness and resilience. Our Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers can withstand stretching without manifesting any signs of cracking, within reasonable operational parameters. Our DTF is A+ for long-term durability and quality of Transfers.

DTF Benefits

Why Use DTF Transfers for Printing?

DTF printing allows for high-quality transfers onto a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. This means businesses and clothing brands can diversify their product offerings more easily. It's also particularly useful for printing on textured or uneven surfaces, where other printing methods might struggle.

Have a question ? We are here to help.

Welcome to our high-quality DTF transfers guide! We are thrilled to assist you in any way possible and provide you with all the necessary information to make your DTF experience as smooth as possible.

As a leading supplier of top-quality DTF transfers, we are thrilled to receive several queries from a diverse range of clients, including small and large retail stores, brands, as well as passionate hobbyists. We are delighted to provide a brief summary of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at our end.

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